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KS-LC713-1 Light Cure

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1.Wire&wireless curing light, chargeable

2.5W big power led light

3.Automatic standby , automatic shutdown

4.Three working modes: strong,flashing,gradually strong

5.Solidify all brands of resin materials in a few minutes

6.Can set the working time and reverse time

7.Can be plugged in power to work directly

8.Full charging to work with 10s each time,can be used continuously for more than 300 times

Technology data:

Capability of battery: 2200mA/h 3.7V

Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz

Wavelength: 420-480nm

Light power: more than 1500mw/cm2

Solidify depth: 5s/3mm

Time select: 5s-40s

Battery standby time: 90 days

Packing list:

light guide stick 1pc

light shading 1pc

main unit 1pc

charge base board 1pc

power adaptor 1pc

operation manual 1pc

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