KS-WD441 Water Distiller

Water Distiller Plastic
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  Autoclave must adopt distilled water as operation medium. Even Purified water has various minerals, and can prouce furiing scale after evaporation at high temperature,which,after a

  period of  time,can lead to leaking of steam due to improper closure.It can also lead to the clog in the narrow pipes and pressure sensor,to the malfunction of temperature sensor and to   other failures.Once the furring scale enters handpiece and other instrument which are hollow inside or has apertures,It will clog the narrow pipes and axis,lowering the tuming speed of   handpiece,thus reducing its life span.Therefore,using distilled water is necessary.But since all the stomatology clinlcs are located far from each other,It is difficult for them to buy   distilled   water.

  Voltage: 220V
  Frequency: 50HZ
  Distiller water: 1.5L/H
  Chamber size: 180×200
  Outside size: 290×290×390 mm

 Gross Weight: 6.0kgs

 Packing size: 245×285×510 mm

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