KS-SL434 Sealing Machine

Thermo sealer
(Italian Design)
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Detailed Product Description
1)Dental sealing machine/Thermosealer/Pulse sealing machine
2)Beautiful Plastic outlet
3)PTC Heating bar,automatic thermostat, long life

4)Automatically alarm when wrong operation or spareparts broken.

4)Easy operation
5)CE & ISO certificate

6).Wall-mounted type,Save space


Voltage Rating: AC 110~230V, 50~60Hz

Indentation Width: 12mm

Input Power: 100W

Overall Dimension: 440X390X240mm

Sealing Temperature: 220°C±10°C

Sealing Velocity: 7.5Meter/Minute

Gross Weight: 7KG

Sealer Width: 250MM

Net Weight: 6.5KG



* Stable function,

* Fashionable outlet,

* Easy operating,

* Low rate of repair.

* Qualified Plastic cover, which can prevent from eroding and easy to be cleaned

* The build-in double blades are safe to operate with smooth incision.



The sealing machine is widely used in the hospital, clinics and laboratories for sterilization package.


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