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Embedded dental loupes

Embedded dental loupes

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Embedded dental loupes


Our TTL 2.5X  (Through-the-Lens) provided with ultralight and elegant looking. Crystal clear lenses and custom fitted optics mean you can wear your loupes all day with greater comfort and less fatigue. Choose your TTLs on our REDSILVER  or blak sporty frame. 


Model Number: TTL250

Magnification: 2.5X

Weight: 28g

working distance: 300-600mm

viewing angle: adjustable

field of view: 170-180mm

Material: optical lens


Model Number: TTL350

Magnification: 3.5X

Weight: 47g

working distance: 280-600mm

viewing angle: adjustable

field of view: 60-80mm

Material: optical lens

Optional frames Colors:

Black ,Silver , Red


Each loupe set including the following :

Cloth case: One piece

Cleaning cloth:  One piece  

Head strap: One piece

Grip Flip: One piece

Screw driver: One piece

Lens cover: One pair

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