Dental Handpiece/

Dental Handpiece Bearing

1. 440 stainless steel for inner ring and outer ring

2. Phenolic bikelite cage

3. Silicon nitride balls

4. Dry lube/ Grease/ Oil

5. Rubber seals/ ZZ metal shields

6. High speed

7. Long spin time

8. Low friction

9. Rustproof and corrosion resistance

10. Durable

11. Easy to maintenance

  • Product Detail

Dental Bearings Sizes and description:

SR144TL, SR144TLZ,


SR144TLZ1W02, SR144TLKZW02






R2-5TLZ(2.78), R2-5TLZ, R2-5TLZZ

Item Description:

1).S-Rings and balls are made in 9Cr18Mo stainless steel(AISI440C)
2).F-With capped edge.
3).R144-Basic bearing code(inch)
4).K1-Angular contact bearing with stepped inner ring, 
K2 - Angular contact bearing with counter bored outer ring, 
5). Material of cage
Tl-(polyimide, black)
Ta-(polyimide, yellow)
6). K -outer rings with stage
G-outer ring with recess
7). Z -with single shield
8). W -width of both inner and outer ring are 2.78mm.
9). N- ball material is si3n4.
Absende of symbol- ball material is 9cr18mo

10). Absende of symbol -7 balls are taken, 8 balls are taken.


 Product Specifications:

1)Dental Bearing of high precision level P4 (ABEC 7),
usable for various brands of high-speed dental turbine handpieces

2)Rotating speed 350,000-450,000 rpm under air-pressure of 200-250Kpa

3)Working life for about six months under the normal operation

4)Very less vibration, Very less noise, Antirust, Corrosion resistant

5)High temperature resistant for disinfection

6)The ceramic balls used in some Freerun dental bearings are harder, lighter and more wear resistant than the stainless steel versions used by other bearing manufacturers. Ceramic balls generate less centrifugal force at the high speeds dental handpieces operate, reducing wear on the bearing and the production of wear particles, which in turn increases lubricant life.


 How to use correctly:
1). It is the best that the interference fit between bearing bore and turbine shaft is under    0.5um-1.5um.when putting turbine shaft into bearing bore, the pressure should be forced on the face of inner ring to avoid the damage of rollway and balls.
2). After fitting the bearing into turbine shaft they should be instilled special lubricant (ethanol must not be used)
3). After high stean sterilized the dental high speed handpiece should be jetted some
lubricant into the air inlet before used and so that bearing could be used longer time. 
4). To keep operating stability, the preload spring stress of bearing should be controlled under 1.2 +/- 0.2N.

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