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RSV5 Dental x-ray sensor
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 1. RSV5 is a modern digital imaging solution for intraoral dental radiography. Its advanced CMOS   technology provides excellent image quality. For patient comfort, the ergonomic design is based   on  human intraoral anatomy.RSV5 is a digital X-ray imaging system designed specifically for   dental radiography within the oral cavity. The system captures X-ray images and makes them   available for display and storage across your computer network.

 2. RSV5 is connected by a "USB A" cable to a compatible Windows XP or Windows Vista or   Windows 7 PC. RSV5 is provided the power from PC. Support for the RSV5 is provided by   compatible software program Visiodent Imaging. The RSV5 includes a detachable holder that can   be mounted on the wall or other stable surface.

 1. Excellent image quality based on advanced CMOS technology
 2. More comfortable sensor ergonomic design for Human Morphology
 3. High sensitivity for lower X-ray
 4. Enhanced durability
 5. Easy-to-use USB interface

 Technical specifications:
 1.Detector Structure: CMOS Photodiode Array
 2.Dimension(W*L*T): Size1.5: 1.55*1.15*0.19
 4.Pixel Pitch: 0.0296mm
 5.Active Pixel Array: Size1.5: 1115*810
 7.Grayscale: 4096 gray levels
 8.Resolution: Normal Resolution Mode: 16.89lp/mm(theoretical)
 9.USB Calbe length between Controller and PC:2.7m
 10.Operation mode: Global shutter
 11.Amtient Temperature: 10ºC to 30ºC(Usage),-20ºC to 60ºC(Transportation and Storage)

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