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KS-XR542 X-Ray Film Positioner

Colorful X-Ray Film Positioner


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The clamp is designed for holding the film during taking pictures, it is easy to use and avoid the cross infection between doctors and patients.
It can be sterilized in medical liquid or boiling water.


1) Fully color-coded and user friendly, and lightweight for patient comfort and easy assembly.

2) Aligns film to prevent cone cutting.

3) Rounded bite blocks with no sharp edges improves comfort.

4) Open bite block design offers patients a soft bite.

5) New bitewing shape with same-arch biting for a more closed bite.

6) Can be used for anterior, posterior, bitewing and endodontic procedures.

7) Can be used for all intra-oral dental x-ray lm size #0, #1, #2 and #3.

8) Endodontic instrument safely straddles the subject tooth, providing precise film alignment without obstruction.

9) Shorter arms tall intra oral x-ray units.

10) As always, all components are fully autoclavable, designed to endure repeated sterilization without discoloration or brittleness.

11) Available in complete kit or as individual components.

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