KS-XR524 Portable X-ray Unit

BLX-10 Portable X-ray Unit
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Tube voltage 70kv (fixed)
Tube current 1MA (fixed)
High voltage generating circuit High frequency switch
X-ray control method Microprocessor control
Time setting range 0.05-1.2 seconds
Weight 1.95kg
Size 215*140*160 mm


X-ray tubing
Type: bipolar fixed x-ray tube
X-ray tube Model: DG-073B-DC
The size of x-ray tube focal spot: 0.3*0.3mm
ANODE heating unit: 8.5Khu
Maximum tube voltage: 75Kv
Total filtration: 1.6mmAL (Origin filtration: 0.8mmAL, Additional filtration: 1mmAL)
X-ray irradiation range: 73mm (roundness)
Useage voltage: battery DC16.8V
Charger: Input AC100-240V, Output: DC16.8V



1. High-frequency design makes unit portable and compact, saving your space!

2. The DC X-ray machine allows you to precisely control exposure time and repitition, providing consistent, customized images.

3. Simple internal structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.

4. Delivers fast response speeds and highly-accuracy output indexes

5. Adjustable KV (revolutions per minute of engine) and MA

6. Can be powered directly from regular DC outlet (Unlike other Large-scale 50/60Hz X-line machines, which usually require special electrical wiring)

7. WithToshiba 0.3x0.3 micro-focus spherical kinescope, ensuring crystal-clear images

8. Uses 30mm×40mm Kodak film

9. Can be controlled from the mainframe, head tube, or remote control (included).

10. Three colors for choice.( White, blue, red and Pink)

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