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KS-MM913 210+E Motor

210 micro motor +E Motor


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210 micro motor +E Motor
Strong 210+e type  handpiece is an instrument made with motor to use like the pencil and used for working with the turning force from the revolving motor up to 35000rpm. And it is applied to cutting, grinding, polishing.
The products are mainly used for dental laboratory and dental clinic. The use range has been expanded gradually for tooth, Jewelry, Nail, Engraving, orthopedics, Industry market, beauty wood carving, egg carving etc.

1. Name: Strong 210 + e type
2. Power: 65W
3. Rotate speed: 35000rpm
4. Max. torque:
5. Chuck: Standard 2.35mm (3.0mm, 3.175mm for optional)
6. Weight: 1.3kg+190g
7. Input voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
8. Dimension: L130mm*W140mm*H80mm, L152mm*Φ26mm
9. Package: Bubble bag+foam+carton


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