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Product name : portable dental unit
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 Standard Accessories

Built-in air compressor .....1set

3-way air/water syringe .....1set

High speed air turbine Handpiece tube  .....1set

Low speed air turbine Handpiece tube  .....1set

Foot pedal  .....1set

Clean water bottle 600ML  .....1set



High-speed handpiece .....1set

Low-speed handpiece  .....1set

Built-in LED curing light  .....1set

Built-in ultrasonic scaler  .....1set

Rechargeable LED headlights .....1set

Portable dentist stool  .....1set

Stainless steel trays  .....1set

Saliva ejector  .....1set

Built-in storage tanks 6L .....1set


Technical parameters
Supply voltage: 110V-240V AC 60Hz/50Hz
Power: 550W
Flow rate: 65L/min
Start-up pressure: 0.5Mpa
Discharge pressure: 0.8Mpa
Maximum operation pressure: high speed handpiece 0.36Mpa
Low speed handpiece: 0.34Mpa
Noise: 40-45dB
Net /Gross Weight : 19.5Kg/23.5Kg
Honeycomb carton Package size/CM L57*W39*H55

Portable Dental Unit is a direct supply model, with no gas tank. Its gas source is clean and stable, and it is unnecessary for Dewatering that working with the traditional compressor. The operation is simple and convenient, can also achieve High/Low mobile required working pressure. And the suction device, cleaning machine, light curing machine are also Available that according to customer requirements, Portable dental unit is the first choice of professionals.

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