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The deciduous tooth which has a large decayed part and has an endodontic treatment

The deciduous tooth having an endodontic treatment get lower the strength of the tooth and it is prone to break,

in this case, it needs to extract a tooth so that additional treatment like fitting a crown needs to protect a tooth

(The tooth fitting a crown comes out with the crown when it is time to come out)

In case dental decay happens in the occlusal surface

In case the use of the restoration material, it is prone to break because of masticatory pressure and the

frequency of the second decay is high resulting in endodontic treatment



1: Measure the tooth and select the deciduous tooth.

2: removing the tooth in order to fit the deciduous tooth.

3: Placing the temporary deciduous tooth.

(checking occlusion and marking the control area of the deciduous tooth)

4: Scissoring and trimming.

5: Evaluating the suitability by placing the deciduous tooth again.

6: Finishing and Polishing.

7: Cementation.

8: Checking occlusion finishing.

Characteristic of KIDS CROWN :

Solid occlusal surface (heat treatment)

* perforation rate is low because of the abrasion resistance is high.


Gingival margin is soft (heat treatment)

* scissoringgand contouring of the interproximal contact and gingival

margin is easy scissoring and contouring are easy.


Elasticity of gingival margin is high

* there is no need of scissoring in fitting in general case, only simple crimping.


In general, the surface smoothness of the crown is high

* The polishing of gingival margin is easy


Environment friendly coating (Silica film coating)

* Harmless to human

* High corrosion resistance


Ergonomic uniform:

* Natural like a natural teeth

* Precrimped and precontoured

   Lower occlusal surface

* food and drink don`t get jammed.

There are 48 different sizes of the crown.

The meaning of the D is 1st molar

The meaning of the E is 2nd molar

The meaning of the U and L are upper and lower

L and R are left side and right side

The number is size of the crown

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