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Product name : Visiodent X-ray Sensor RSV4
Item : KS-XR564
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 KS-XR1432-1 Visiodent X-ray Sensor RSV4
Technical specifications: 

Technology the RSV4 imaging system
Sensor technology CMOS
External dimensions 29.2*38.7*4.95mm
Active surface 24*33mm
Pixels 1200*1650 pixels
Theoretical resolution 25lp/mm
Sensor cable length 3m
Grayscale 4096
Connection type USB direct link
Pixel size 20um


1.Size 1.5, you will use for all application types (anterior, posterior molars ...)
2.Thanks to its exceptional resolution of 25 line pairs and the latest embedded technologies, the sensor RSV4 get radiographs of finesse and amazing definition for immediate diagnosis! Sharpness, brightness and contrast will help you perfect viewing smaller anatomical details. 30 years of experience in imaging, it can not be invented!
3.The rounded corners and beveled sides of RSV4, give the patient a much better wearing comfort.
Cable located on top of the sensor, you will also facilitated positioning, vertical or horizontal.
4.Designed to last, the RSV4 sensor has been strengthened and has been tested for use pushed to ensure optimum performance over time. It also comes with a removable cover that absorbs shock if dropped or pressure.
5.Extremely easy to use, the RSV4 just waiting to be connected to your computer via its USB Direct technology, it is ready for use. More troublesome case, the sensor is ideal for a single use or multi positions.
6.Easy of use, ergonomics and power; these are the characteristics of VISIODENT Imaging software. The VISIODENT Imaging software provides dozens of powerful tools, elegantly presented and making use of the system are a breeze.

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