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Product name : Suction Unit
Item : GS-02
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 1100W Environmental green color Dental Vacuum Pump KS-GS-02

Power :1100W
Vacuum : -13KPa
Pump Flow: 600L/min
Noise: 46dB
Net Weight :25kg
Volt./Hz:110-240V 50/60Hz



1   Multi-function apparatus can be used in vacuum suction of pus, waste water, blood, saliva, dentin and a wide variety of filling materials.

2   With metal cabinet  has anti vibration system and silencer for the exhauster air, virtually silent performance, it is more ergonomic to locate as close as possible to the dental unit.

3   Reliable electric motors more than 350L/min suction flow on the spray, to provide strong protection against infection.

4   Easy to operate, maintenance-free, the dentist will not work in patients with swallowing reaction was interrupted.

5   Advanced technology as air-water separation system from europe, which adopts whirlpool gas filtration system to achieve easier separation of water and vapor and longer separation path.

6   Lower noise suction pump and better drainage system,this machine can work in a quieter and more stable manner. So it is a preference for dentists.

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