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Product name : Portable X-ray Unit
Item : KS-XR525
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 Technical specification:

X-ray generator:

Tube voltage: 60KV (fixed)          

Tube current:2mA (fixed)

High voltage generating circuit:high frequency inverter method

X ray control method:controlled by the micro processor

Time setting range: 0.01-1.6s (0.01sec step)


X ray tube:

Type: stationary anode x ray tube

X ray tube focal size: 0.4mm

Weight: 2.0KG

Target angle: 12.5°

Total filtration: 1.6mm Al
(Inherent filtration:0.8mm Al,fixed added filtration:0.8mmAl)

Display method:LCD display

Battery: DC24V

Light weight for potinum hand-held use.

The least radition exposure but high quality X-ray.

Micro-computer and specialized circuit that monitors and precisely regulates the exposure technique factors (KV, mA and exposure time)

Simple up and down arrows adjust exposure setting by 0.01 second (0.01-1.60 sec).

Pre-programmed exposure time makes the operation fast and easy.

Uniquely designed internal lead shield protects the operator and the patient from dispersed radiation.

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