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Product name : Portable Dental Unit
Item : KS-PD131
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 Portable Dental Unit with Air Compressor


Model No.: GU-P 204


^ Easily transported suitcase with pull-out handle and wheels, dentist may move the unit freely and conveniently;

^ Compact structure, self-contained bag for storage to save your space;

^ Consists of related operation system inside the dental treatment unit, such

as air supply, water supply, suction and drainage;

^ Easy to set up and operate. Install the parts correctly and with correct

power supply, control the unit with foot switch is OK;

^ High quality motor with steady performance, solid box to ensure anti-fall, service time exceeds 20,000 hours;

^ Oil free motor without any lubricated oil, drainage bottle is convenient to

move and disinfect;

^ 2 years warranty.



* With 1pc 3-way syringe;

* With 2pcs handpiece tubing (2-hole/4-hole);

* With saliva ejector;

* Self-contained clean water supply system (1000ml);

* Self-contained drainage bottle (1000ml);

* Self-contained oil free compressor (600W motor);

* With foot switch;

* Self-contained bag for storage to save your space;

* Light weight (about 24kg);

* Dimension: 430X320X630mm;

* Volt./Hz: 110~240V 50/60Hz (right plug free to fit your country)



^ High speed or low speed handpiece;

^ Fiber optic handpiece;

^ LED curing light;

^ Ultrasonic scaler;

^ Whitening device;

^ Portable dental chair with/without operation light, instrument tray, cuspidor;

^ Portable dentist stool.

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