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Product name : PROX portable x-ray unit
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Product Description

The portable X-ray system, PROX is an advanced high frequency dental X-ray apparatus with fixed
60kVDC and 2mA tube current which is designed to produce diagnostic high quality X-ray for both
film and digital sensors. When X-rays are taken, the device can be either hand-held or mounted on
an optional tripod or arms.

Intended Use
The PROX X-ray system is intended to be used by trained dentists, radiologists, dental hygienists or
dental technicians as an extra-oral X-ray source for diagnostic X-ray images using intra-oral image
receptors. Its use is intended for both adult and pediatric subjects.

Main Features
 Light Weight & Compact Size
 High Frequency X-ray
 Micro-computer and specialized circuit for precise exposure technique factors
 Self-diagnostic control panel
 Simple and easy X-ray exposure setting
 Custom-setting exposure time for fast and easy operation
 Internal protection shield to protect operator and patient from dispersed radiation
 Constant Emission Power Technology
(At least 30% radiation dosage reduction compared to conventional X-rays)


Technical Specification:

Tube Voltage:60kV(Fixed)

Tube current:2mA(Fixed)

High voltage generating circuit:High frequency inverter method

X-Ray control method:Controlled by the micro processor

Time setting range:0.01-1.6second(0.01 sec step)

Type:Stationary anode X-ray tube

X-ray tube focal size:0.7mm

Target angle:20

Total filtrateion:1.6mm AI

(Inherent filtrateion:0.8mm AI Fixed added filtrateion:0.8mmAI)

Display method:LCD display


Battery:DC24V for  Digital Portable X-Ray

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