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Product name : Gutta Cutter C-BLADE II
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 Gutta Cutter C-BLADE II
1. Double unit rechange is available                 
2. Delicate handle, and very comfortable             
3. Single button operate, heat up very fast             
4. Non-contact recharge design                                     
5. Battery has large capacity,which is capable of 100 times use       
6. 4 different shape heat tip, can be sterilized under high temperature and press, can be used for various kinds of root canal

1. Battery: 1.2V, 2400mAh
2. Charger input voltage: AC230V, 50Hz; AC110V, 60HZ
3. Power: 2.5W                          
4. Heating temperature: 160℃            
5. Heat up time: ≥2 s

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