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Product name : GD-S600 dental unit
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●24V DC Italian motor for chair : 1 set
●Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system: 1 set
●Inter-lock control system: 1 set
●Down-mounted instrument tray with air brake: 1 set
●Rotatable ceramic spittoon: 1 set
●3-way syringe (hot/cold): 2 sets
●Muti-function foot controller: 1 set
●High suction & saliva ejector system: 1 set
●Seamless cushion (PU): 1 set
●Outer water tank: 1 set
●Build-in floor box : 1 set
●LED sensor operating light: 1 set
●LED film viewer: 1 set
●doctor stool: 1 set

Technical parameters
1. the minimum chair position is less than 430mm, and the maximum chair position is less than 720mm;
Chair load 135kg (without treatment machine);
Chair lifting speed is more than 15mms, and is very stable;
Cushion inclined angle is less than or equal to 10 degree;
Back 0 degrees to 70 degrees.
2.the headrest can be adjusted, head extension length of less than 120mm, head tilt angle of 20 degrees, tilt angle of 40 degrees
3, noise less than 45 decibels, the motor rotates with mute DC motor, ensure the safe use of the hospital.
4, the machine has a hand control and foot control four directions chair mode of operation, with the microcomputer control system, a reset and PLC (programmable controller: according to user requirements and to control the circuit with programming logic function).
5, the machine is handsome, and conforms to the principles of human function, European style modeling,.PU leather pad with artificial leather, seamless compression molding; or choose super fiber environmental protection: soft, wear-resistant, bright colors
6, the power supply voltage: a.c.100V110V220V230V-50HZ60HZ
Motor voltage: d.c24V
Source pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 0.4MPa
Air pressure: 0.5MPa ~ 0.8MPa

1 Buit in curing light
2 Dental handpiece (2 high speed handpiece and 1 low speed handpiece)
3 Doctor stool(luxury model)
4 Oral cameral system
5 Built in ultrasonic scaler
6 Up mounted tray
7 Dental oil free air compressor
8 Electric micro motor
9 Leather cushion
10 Suction
11 Mobile cart
12 Optical fiber system

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