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Product name : CX HY- BOND Luting Glass Ionomer
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For metal crowns, bridges, inlay adhesives and orthodontic loops directly with the prepared tooth surface adhesion.



1. Outstanding operational performance.

2. Excellent fluidity and extremely thin film thickness.

3. Can extend the working hours, and the mouth can be quickly cured.

4. In the early curing has a strong waterproof.

5. And tooth tissue and metal excellent bonding strength.

6. Excellent biocompatibility, minimal stimulation of the pulp.

7. Fluoride release.

8. Resistance to radiation.

9. HY-agent tannin fluoride to prevent micro-leakage, providing excellent edge closure.



1. Standard mix:

A flat spoon on the two drops of liquid, powder than 2.0g / 1.0g.


2. Deployment

Use a green spoon to take a flat spoon on a glass plate or to reconcile the cardboard. Unscrew the bottle cap with a liquid bottle, squeeze the two drops (to avoid the bubble) next to the powder, and tighten the cap.


3. Tooth / prosthesis preparation:

Clean the tooth thoroughly with an oil-free polishing paste, rinse with water, and air dry. Such as pulp exposed or near pulp, before bonding with calcium hydroxide bottom. Clean the restorative adhesive surface with an ultrasonic cleaner, rinse with water, then scrub with alcohol cotton balls, and finally dry the air.


4. Mixing and mixing time:

Mix at a room temperature of 23 ± 1 ° C and a humidity of 50 ± 10%. The powder is divided into two parts, and then the first part is quickly mixed with a plastic knife, and then the second part is added until it is even. The total mixing time is 30-60 seconds.

CAUTION: Dyeing with a metal may cause staining. It is recommended to use plastic knife.


5. application:

Use a knife to place the cement on a thin layer of the inner surface of the crown. Do not allow the adhesive to overflow too much when it is bonded.


6. Final position:

Will restor the body in place, so that patients properly forced a bite of cotton balls to exclude the air



package Powder 45g +Liquid 30g(25mL)
Type filling materials
Usage Orthodontic use
Dental Areal

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