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Product name : Air Compressor
Item : KS-AC223
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Dental Air Compressor (piston type)


Note:Simple Operation, Easy Maintenance

Dental Air Compressor (piston type)

Brand: Greeloy (made in Shanghai, China)

Power: 1200W (2pcs 600W motor)

Volt./Hz: 110~240V    50~60Hz

Speed: 1400/1750 r.p.m

Air Flow: 236L/min at 0Bar

Noise Level: 53dB

Max Pressure: 8Bar

Restart Pressure: 5Bar

Tank Capacity: 60L

Weight: 47/59kg

Product Size: 700*400*680mm



All Greeloy air compressors, can be with air dryer system & silent cabinet.



Super silent.

Low working noise, create a quiet working environment.

Low vibration.

With special rubberfeet, reduce vibration during operation.

Pure air flow.

Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation.

Core technology.

Diamond hardness cylinder ensure durable working performance.

Fashion and durable design.

Compact structure, light weight. Under normal situation, can be used for more than 20000hours.

Use safety.

With multiple self protection system, if here will be abnormal with pressure, current or voltage, the motor would cut off automatically to ensure equipment and personal safety.

Easy operation.

Quite simple operation, connect to power supply, then no need any more maintenance, just drainage regularly.

Low energy consumption.

Full automatic design, automatic stop and restart control, low consumption.

High precision filtration.

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